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Background on RTS

Make Your Voice Heard (from anywhere):

Arizona’s Legislature previously used a paper-based system as a way for people to notify a committee chair that they wished to testify at a committee hearing. The original system required an individual to physically attend a committee hearing at the State Capitol and submit a written request to testify. Several years ago, the Legislature created the automated Request to Speak (RTS) system. Democrats and liberals have been actively signing up their members for years and there are literally thousands of them that use the system each week!

It’s time Republicans and conservatives did the same.

The RTS system is designed to encourage the People’s rightful participation in government activities by collecting input electronically – without having to be at the the State Capitol while a bill is being discussed and voted on by a legislative committee.

RTS is one of the best ways to communicate your position on state legislation. Your position and any comments you submit via RTS are transmitted to each legislator and become part of the record for each bill. This means you have the ability to send your opinion on a bill to all Representatives and Senators with a few simple clicks. Do this while also continuing to call and email them regarding those bills that are especially important to you.

Please note that using the RTS system does not mean you actually have to speak to the Legislature to support or oppose a bill (although, you may, if you would like).

RTS Sign Up Guide

RTS Bill Position Instructions

Below are the two options for entering Bill Positions. Option A is preferred because this option allows you to enter a comment. Legislators seem to pay more attention to the For/Against positions when comments are entered. If you can’t find a bill using Option A, then use Option B instead.

A. Position and Comment – choose New Request from the main menu
B. Position only – choose My Bill Positions from the main menu

Detailed instructions are here: RTS Bill Position Instructions

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