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Precinct Committeeman Q&A

Precinct Committeeman is a generic term for men and women. This Precinct Committeeman Q&A page was created answer your questions about being a Precinct Committeeman. Simply put, Precinct Committeemen are neighborhood representatives for political parties. It all starts with the neighborhood.

What is a Precinct Committeeman/woman?

Each state aligns neighborhoods into Voter Precincts. While most neighborhoods align directly with a single Voter Precinct, some larger neighborhoods will include multiple precincts. Dobson Ranch is an example of a large neighborhood with multiple precincts.

Each political party has its own Precinct Committeemen. While the state places a limit on the number of PCs for each precinct, each Party usually has multiple PCs within a precinct.

Precinct Committeemen are political representatives for their neighborhoods (precincts). PCs are “elected officials”; see below. They are local leaders for their respective political party.

What are Precinct Committeeman responsibilities?

Precincts align with party leaders at their Legislative District level. For the precincts in the Dobson Ranch community, that’s Legislative District 9 (LD9). Legislative Districts have a leadership team who provide guidance to their Precinct Committeemen. In fact, elected PCs vote on the district, county, and state party leadership as well as the party platform. In other words, Precinct Committeemen are the ones who elect their party’s LD leadership; PCs also vote to elect their party’s County and State leadership.

Through our LD9 meetings, as well as County & State Republican Leaders, we learn about Republican events, new candidates, voter registration events, and more. PCs use this information to keep their neighbors informed.

Here are some ways PCs can connect with neighbors:

  • Join neighborhood social media groups
  • Develop an email list of neighbors in your precinct
  • Invite your friends and neighbors to Republican events
  • Engage in social activities such as barbeques, homeowner association meetings, book clubs, block parties, school events, etc.
  • Identify possible Republican voters and register them
  • Learn what issues are important to your neighbors and discuss that with other PCs in your precinct or your LD
  • Organize with other PCs and precincts. Dobson Ranch Republicans exists for this purpose.

Here are some PC activities, both during and outside of election seasons:

  • Register new voters and encourage voter registration updates for new residents
  • Inform neighbors of civic activities happening, including at schools, city councils, counties, and the state
  • Participate in meetings, special events, and fundraisers
  • Distribute campaign literature in your precinct
  • Help to coordinate for neighbors to meet candidates, such as coffee meetings, picnics, or happy hour
  • Motivate voters to go to the polls and give them reasons to vote for Republican candidates
  • Get our informed voters to the polls!
Graphic showing Precinct Committeeman activities
How much time is required for a Precinct Committeeman?

You decide how much time you want to spend being a PC. Some PCs are near-full-time political junkies. Others are part-time consultants, campaign personnel, or lobbyists. Some are retirees and spend a few hours each week. Others are working professionals with families who spend only a few hours per month. And a few PCs only spend time on PC tasks during election season.

If you have a few hours, if you want to get to know your party’s candidates and elected officials — if you want to influence elections — then this is a position to consider.

What does Precinct Committeemen get paid?

Precinct Committeeman is a non-paid, volunteer position.

How can I become a Precinct Committeeman?

Becoming a PC is not difficult; if you’re a registered as a Republican voter, then you are eligible to be a Republican PC.

Mark Twain said more than 100 years ago, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Let’s put on our shoes quickly and get moving!

We hope this Precinct Committeeman Q&A has helped. We’re excited to have you join us. Please see our Becoming a PC page for details on how we can help.

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